Dr. Lundgren is not the first chiropractor to whom I have entrusted my care, but his treatment is so highly effective that I believe he will be the last.

I began seeking chiropractic care five years ago due to back, shoulder, and arm pain. The care I received was provided primarily in the form of adjustments, and the adjustments made me feel better, so I’ve been seeking weekly adjustments for the past five years. I chose to change to Dr. Lundgren because I moved, and I’ve been in his care for ten months.

In addition to adjustments, Dr. Lundgren has given me a set of exercises and other behavioral/cognitive instructions for home treatment. I realized more progress in pain management after les than five months of his care than I did in the almost four years of other care prior to engaging him. I’m still progressing, but now I actually believe there is an end to the persistent pain I’ve endured for more than a decade.

That said, the home treatment is NOT easy. Focus and dedication are absolutely necessary, and I’ve built muscle mass in several areas of my body (I had to buy new pants because of my thigh growth, and my girlfriend said my abs look GREAT).

Additionally, Dr. Lundgren has made it clear that he intends to reduce my visits to his office; other chiropractors have simply scheduled me for another adjustment the next week.

Finally, I think the office staff are very easy to work with (they’re friendly and patient), and the office is technologically advanced and clean. (They have an in-house X-ray machine, and wall-mounted computer monitors in every room.)

Highly recommended!

– Kirk A.

I am a paraplegic and have been going to chiropractors for almost 20 years. I’ve had them all. Good and bad doctors. Dr. Lundgren is the absolute best. He explains in detail what is causing your issues and helps you correct behavior to fix them in the long term. He helped cure my tendinitis in a series of months after therapy was not working. He uses many methods including a modern day version of acupuncture. I cannot say enough good things about this man and his awesome staff.

– Justin M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lundgren for 20 years. I’ve always been very happy with his care. He’s adjusted all the major bones in my body and plenty of small ones too! My neck curved the wrong way when I first started seeing him. He’s fixed that. I was having carpal tunnel issues too. He fixed that. He recommends exercises to promote good posture and better health. After childbirth, I couldn’t walk because of trauma to my pubic bone. The exercises he had me doing prior to the delivery took care of that problem.

– Bren W.

There is no better place than Lundgren Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs. Dr. Lundgren cares about all his patients by helping them to improve their overall health and well-being so you can get to feeling and moving better, not to just bait you to keep coming back. His staff is AMAZING, they are a fantastic, professional support team for an honest, great, chiropractor.

– Kathy G.

I was referred to Dr Lundgren by my husband who has been coming here for years for periodic adjustments. I just got done with my adjustment and feel incredible. Doctor is very kind and gave me a much better understanding of how I can take better care of my body. I’m planning on adjusting my home office setup to prevent major health issues in the future. Who knew hat was a factor to consider! Thank you Dr Lundgren!

– Shayne R.

Dr. Lundgren and his staff have been assisting my family for several years. My wife started visiting his practice over 14 years ago after an injury in a car accident. The entire staff is very professional and polite when assisting all patients especially Lydia (I apologize if i misspelled your name). Dr. Lundgren is one of very few medical professionals that will actually listen to his patients, this is a great relief. He listens so he can help his patients heal ; he will also coach his patients in order to keep the healing progress beyond his office. He will instruct his patients, on proper sleeping positions, lifting techniques and much more. I would like to thank Dr. Lundgren and his staff for their caring and professionalism they have provided for all these years.

– Tampa Bay

Love this office. Lydia, Madolyn, and Alma are so friendly and welcoming, and make sure I get taken care of at every visit. I always receive the best care by Dr. Lundgren. He always provides awesome advice to care for myself as a dental hygienist, and stretches I can do at home. Grateful for this team!

– Maria P.

I’ve been to several different Chiropractors And there is a reason I’ve been back to see Dr. Lundgren over the last 9 years. He is thorough and gets my back and neck feeling better longer. I feel he genuinely wants to help me feel better. I’ve gone long stretches of time without having to see him when I do the exercises and posture corrections he teaches me. And most the time I need to come back is when I don’t do my part. If you have back or neck pain I definitely recommend you try Dr. Lundgren.

– Bill C.

Dr. Lundgren is the BEST chiropractor I’ve been to. I have been to several with an immobile upper back that started developing bone spurs. Dr. Lundgren was the first to be able to get it to move. He has treated my husband and 2 of my kids as well with equal success. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Lundgren.

– April T.

Dr. Lundgren is genuine and truly cares about his patients. He went above and beyond the call of duty and truly cared about the various issues I was going thru at the time. I could not have been in better hands. Thanks Dr. Lundgren. Stay true to yourself and never change. His staff is awesome also.

– Gissel